Sligo Forum Supports new PPN

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Forum Chairperson, Gerald O Connor (left) at a recent meeting with the Chairperson of Coleraine Borough Council.

Since 2000, Sligo County Community Forum has been a voice for community and voluntary groups in the County.  However in 2014 that is about to change.  As part of the local government reform process a new Public Participation Network (PPN) is to be established.

Gerald O Connor, Chairperson of the Community Forum said ‘We appreciate the faith and trust that the community and voluntary sector have put in us to represent their views.  While there is regret about the end of the community forum, we are confident that the new PPN will be an effective vehicle for getting the views of the community sector across.  The community forum is working with the council to ensure that community groups understand what the PPN is about and to encourage them to get involved’.

Over the years Sligo Community Forum have tried to give a voice to community issues by nominating representatives onto local government committees.  It has also been active in raising issues in the media.  The Community Forum also wrote and made submissions to government departments and brought community groups together to discuss issues affecting the sector.  Gerald O Connor said ‘Just last week we had a large meeting of community groups to identify their issues – community people are on the ground every day, trying to support their communities, these groups are the best placed to know what the problems are and how to address them and the PPN will be there now for those groups to ensure that they have access to decision making bodies at a county level’.

All community , voluntary, environmental and social inclusion groups will be able to join the PPN.  Once groups have registered they will be invited to attend meetings of the PPN.  It is expected that groups will also be able to connect together using social media.    The PPN will be responsible for nominating representatives onto local structures, including the local community development committee, the Joint Policing Committee and other committees in the County Council.

Gerald O Connor said ‘We are just in the early stages of setting up the PPN.  It is important at this stage that community groups register, as the PPN will only be as strong as its membership.  The PPN will be a completely new structure and there will be opportunities for many new people to become involved.  We are supporting the council with this process, because we know the importance of having the community sector involved in decision making’.

‘Most of all, as chairperson of the outgoing Sligo Community and Voluntary Forum I want to congratulate and thank all of the volunteers who are working every  day in community development, sports, education, addressing mental and physical health issues, supporting the most vulnerable in our communities and much more– as a community forum we have a great overview of the massive contribution that is made by volunteers to keep our communities afloat.  Groups today are always telling us how difficult it is just to keep the door open – so congratulations to you for being there and continuing with your work despite the odds.  The community and voluntarty sector have to be the unsung heroes of our recession’.

To find out more about the PPN log onto or attend one of the information sessions which are being held around the county in September.

SLIGO 2020 – Public Consultation on Local Economic and Community Plan – Closing date 10 September

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Sligo County Council, together with Sligo Local Community Development Committee, is seeking your views on the key priorities and opportunities for Sligo over the next six years. We want to hear from you, whether you are an individual citizen or part of a community organization, a business, a public body, a local network or minority group!

Your views are being sought as part of the process for the preparation of a six year Local Economic and Community Plan for Sligo in accordance with the Local Government Reform Act, 2014. The Plan shall be developed for the purposes of

  • The promotion of economic development
  • The promotion of local and community development

The Plan aims to improve the well-being of the people and economy of Sligo through enhanced strategic planning, better targeting of resources and more meaningful impacts for local communities. It will provide the strategic framework for all publicly funded economic, local and community development programmes in the county and for the development of Sligo as the social, cultural and economic capital of the region.

The Plan will include measures to tackle poverty and exclusion and to develop opportunities for enterprise and employment, training and education, community wellbeing, rural and community development, local infrastructure and services, tourism, cultural services, innovation/R&D, natural resources, agriculture, marine and the promotion of Sligo.

With your assistance the Plan will identify the economic, social and community potential of Sligo and the requirements to sustain and enhance it. To assist in your submission please download our Local Economic and Community Plan Public Consultation Briefing Document (PDF) or for a hard copy contact S. Kilcullen, Sligo County Council, County Hall, Riverside, Sligo. Telephone: 071 9111 804.

Cranmore Regeneration Draft Social Plan

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See link below for a copy of the  Draft of the Social Plan, mapping out suggestions for Key Actions under the Key Headings. This is a Draft and we very much welcome your feedback on this.. There is more work to be developed on the Implementation Strategy, but we need feedback on the ideas first..

Please get back with feedback and suggestions to

Marian O’Callaghan

A/Senior Executive Architect


Cranmore Regeneration Project

Sligo County Council

7-9 Devins Drive, Cranmore , Sligo

T 071 9111250

by Wednesday 7th August

A Presentation Session on the Draft Social Plan will be arranged by the council for early September.

Final Draft Sligo East City Regen Social Plan 16th July 14

February E Bulletin now available

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To see the February E Bulletin – click this link:  E Bulletin February 2014

Download a membership renewal/registration form to join the community forum:  renewal of membership form 2014

To access the latest newsletter for community forum members:  newsletter 2 2014

Thanks to all those who have already returned their membership forms and membership fee!

January 2014 E Bulletin

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Click the link to access the January 2014 E Bulletin:  E – bulletin Jan 2014

Forum Registration for 2014

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It is that time of year again!  Sligo County Community Forum can only be as strong as its membership base.  During 2013 we represented the community sector on a range of bodies at county level.  We also lobbied the government in relation to local government reform.  The provision of training, monthly ebulletins and support was of great use to community groups.

If you renew your membership in 2014 it will mean that we can continue with the monthly e-bulletins, updates to members, training events and seminars of interest.  Members are entitled to lower fees at events.  2014 will be an important year for community groups to stand together as changes to structures will be happening at a county level and it is the aim of the community forum to ensure that community organisations are central to this process.

To renew your membership download the form:  renewal of membership form 2014 and return to Sligo County Community Forum, Development Centre, Cleveragh Road, Sligo by 28th Feb 2014 with the membership fee of 10 euro.  To access LEADER or County Council grants, forum membership will be required.

December E Bulletin

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Click here to get the latest edition of our E Bulletin  E Bulletin December 2013

November E Bulletin

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The E Bulletin November 2013 is now available here.  Get in touch with us before the beginning of December if you want to highlight anything in the next E bulletin!

Sligo Forum looking to the future ….

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Like many other community groups we talk to, Sligo County Community Forum have been dealing with their own funding challenges this year.  However, the goal is to grow stronger and with that in mind Sligo Forum developed a strategic plan in 2013.  As well as gaining a firm foundation for our work, we want to work with communities to address rural crime and support positive mental health.

Did you know about local government reform which will be happening in 2014?  Many people know that there will be less councillors.  But there will also be other changes – such as a change in the funding structures for community and voluntary groups at a county level.  Sligo Forum wants to be in there to ensure the views of the sector are heard.  We will keep communities updated about this through our facebook site in 2014.


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To Register for This seminar call 071-9171860 or email by the 17th September

Seminar for the Community and Voluntary Sector in County Sligo

‘Planning for Survival’
Friday, September 20th 2013,
Sligo Park Hotel, 9.30-1.30pm

Seminar Organised by Sligo County Community Forum

Put yourself on the right track


The community and voluntary sector is under intense pressure at the moment trying to steer its own path in a sea of cuts and change. ‘Survival’ is a word we hear from groups and organisations a lot in the current climate.

This seminar will bring together people from the community and voluntary sector in Sligo, to learn about changes that are happening, articulate their needs and find support from each other.
The first part of the seminar will focus on the changes happening in local government and how these will impact on community groups.
The second part of the seminar will look at the EU, how its policies impact on community organisations and how we can take opportunities open to us.

9.30 – 11.00  Changes to Local Structures:  Training Session

Get up to date with the changes in the sector9.00     Registration

9.30     Opening Address:  Chairperson, Sligo                         County Community Forum.

9.40      PJ Cleere, The Community Platform and

Get to know the EU and what it means for your community

11.30 to 1.30pm Communities Talking about Europe

11.30   Marian Harkin, MEP:  Why Europe matters to                 the community sector

11.50   Robin Hannan, Director, European Anti Poverty             Network, EU Policy and Practice –                                   Understanding and influencing EU Policy and                 the implementation of the EU 2020 Strategy

12.10   Chris Gonley, CEO, Sligo LEADER Partnership Company Ltd., ’Gaining benefit                 from the EU at a local level –  experience of the Sligo LEADER Development                     Company’

12.30   Pauline Brennan, Sligo County Council, The Europe Direct Information Service in             Tubbercurry

12.40   Discussion and Questions

Funded by the Communicating Europe Initiative

1.30     Lunch

To book your place email or phone 071-9171860 and leave a message, stating your name and contact details
To register email
Disability Federation of Ireland.  Information                on the local government reform and                            allignment process –  implications for funding and community groups.

10.00    Round-table discussion:  Implications and Actions for the Community and                          Voluntary Sector in Sligo

11.00     Coffee/Tea Break

Funded by Sligo LEADER Partnership Company Ltd